Apex Legends: PS5 and Xbox Series X and S versions coming with today’s update

The PS5 and Xbox Series X and S versions of Apex Legends will be made available with today’s update. They will include advanced features such as native 4K and HDR. This was revealed by the game’s official blog, which also explained what users can expect in terms of graphics.

Meanwhile, it should be specified that the PS5 version will be downloaded by hand from the console’s dashboard, where the Xbox Series versions will be downloaded automatically from the system thanks to Smart Delivery, one of the services offered by the console. So, whether you have Series S or Series X you don’t have to worry about anything.

Let’s read the list of graphics novelties introduced for the next-generation consoles.

4K output (PS5 / Series X)
Full 60hz gameplay (PS5 / Series X|S)
HDR (PS5 / Xbox Series X|S)
Higher resolution shadow maps (PS5 / Series X)
Greater LOD distances (PS5 / Series X)

Some features won’t be added right away, but will come with later updates, such as 120hz gameplay and full support for PS5’s DualSense, as well as various graphical and sound improvements.

These versions will be released as part of the Warriors Collection Event, which will add content for everyone, such as the 9×9 Control mode, a new map called Drop-Off, and many more.