Babylon’s Fall: the free demo reached a maximum of 30 concurrent players, a disaster

Babylon’s Fall is one of the biggest flops of recent times. Square Enix and PlatinumGames’ game is mostly ignored by everyone and even the free demo is a disaster, peaking at around 30 concurrent players.

Square Enix, via Steam, released a free demo of Babylon’s Fall in an attempt to attract new players and allow users to test out the game without investing any money. The problem is that even this tactic was useless, because practically no one tried the demo.

The full-price full version of Babylon’s Fall, these days, settles on a maximum of 300 concurrent players, after about a month since its release. The maximum record is 1,188 players. There is no denying that PlatinumGames’ game has not been successful and the future is not bright. Square Enix says that it will continue to support the work, no matter what.

In our review of Babylon’s Fall we explained that “Babylon’s Fall for now is this: a good idea, realized with disastrous results. The touch of Platinum Games is at an all-time low, barely detectable in the original combat system (but poorly implemented in the overall structure) and medals awarded to the completion of each area full of enemies. Clearly something has gone wrong, the developers have worked in a very listless, the addition of a “live service” sensible only for paying players, then, did the rest. Babylon’s Fall is fun for a few hours, but soon shows all its limitations: technical, structural, balancing and progression. We repeat: “for now” is this, tomorrow we do not know. It is perhaps still possible to select individual aspects, the most deficient, to make them acceptable or at least functional. Certainly it will not be possible to save everything. The Tower of Babel is falling to pieces, perhaps it has already fallen. Fortunately, the disaster has only a few victims, the unwary buyers. All the others have already turned away.”