Call of Duty Warzone: putting in more maps is impossible, the size of the game “is out of mind”

Call of Duty Warzone will not have multiple main maps available at once because the size of the game “is out of whack.” That’s what one developer reveals.

In an interview with streamer TeeP, Call of Duty’s Live Operation Lead Josh Bridge was asked if a map rotation similar to that of Apex Legends will ever be added within Call of Duty Warzone. The man stated, “We would like it. We all would like it [but] there’s a technical problem: the size of install and re-install is out of whack.”

Let’s remember that Call of Duty Warzone requires about 120 GB on PS5 and similar sizes on other consoles, while on PC – although it’s true that the situation is better – we always talk about 80 GB. This is not a light video game and many gamers make fun (or complain, directly) about it. Bridge explains that for many users this is a big malus and, with each new update that increases the game’s total size, Call of Duty Warzone loses a few players.

The reason for the burden is related to the fact that Call of Duty Warzone was built within Modern Warfare (2019), which was a game that offered assets designed for a classic 6 vs 6 on small maps. “Verdansk was never planned with the idea of incorporating 180 weapons,” Bridge said.

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