Elden Ring: cheaters have discovered a new flaw that can corrupt bailouts

The Elden Ring cheaters have discovered a new flaw in the PC game that allows them to destroy other players ‘ saves, forcing them into an endless loop of deaths that can only be broken by starting over.

In this case the problem seems to be a new hack. Basic cheaters invade regular players ‘ matches and use the hack to crash them. When reloading the rescue, you discover the character stuck in an endless loop of lethal falls and continuing the game seems to be impossible.

Fortunately, a way has already been discovered to remedy it, although it is not very easy to apply. Before you die, exit the game with the classic ALT + F4 key combination, so you have more time to act by reloading the game. Do this and quickly open the map, then the list of places of grace. Confirm. If you are quick enough you will be transported to a place of Grace at random and you can continue. You have to be very fast to perform the operation, so, if you do not make it on the first attempt, try again.

Alternatively, keep your distance from Elden Ring PvP until a resolving patch arrives, hopefully soon.