Elden Ring for PC: mod introduces a transmog system, but with some limitations

A new mod for the PC version of Elden Ring introduces the transmog, which allows you to equip any piece of armor you like without having to worry about the statistics. Because rightly the eye wants its part. The system in question is actually not as practical as an official one made by the developers, but still does its job albeit with some limitations.

The mod in question was made by pelloleq and is available for download on NexusMods at this address, if you want to try it. As usual, we do not recommend you to activate it if you are playing online.

As mentioned in the beginning, the mod is unfortunately not as practical as an official transmog system, but it still does its job. It basically removes all of the features of Elden Ring’s armor pieces, including weight, strength, poise and immunity, so they all become the same and interchangeable without any problems according to your tastes.

Elden Ring, a promotional image

To compensate, through the crafting menu you can create one of your choice of three talismans, each with the generic stats of light, medium and heavy armor sets, including their weight, so you’ll still need to invest in the relative attribute to equip them. Specifically, these are the statistics of the three talismans of the mod:

Heavy Armor

Weight: 60
Poise: 88
Physical Defense: 36
Magic Defense: 27
Miscellaneous Immunities: 130

Medium Armor

Weight: 35
Poise: 50
Physical Defense: 30
Magic defense: 24
Miscellaneous Immunities: 90

Light Armor

Weight: 20
Poise: 30
Physical Defense: 24
Magic Defense: 19
Various Immunities: 70

As you might have guessed, therefore, it is not possible to perfectly replicate the defensive statistics of the equipment you use thanks to talismans. Also keep in mind that to use this system transmog you will have to give up one of the slots for amulets and that three of those in the game will be replaced by those of the mods. On the other hand, those who want to look good a little ‘must suffer and we are sure that for many lovers of “Fashion Souls” these limitations will certainly not be a problem.