Elden Ring: modder solves the problem of stuttering the PC version

The GitHub soupstream user has published a small mod (plus a fix, actually) for the PC version of Elden Ring that on many configurations systems stuttering problems, those that Fromsoftare

The little Fi Fi is called EldenRingStutterFix

As the description tells us, it is a change that goes to solve the stuttering problem caused by direct direct

It must be said that the whole thing is still in the experimental stage and has no official support. So it may happen that on some configurations it does not solve anything. The author is still following the project with great attention, producing continuous jet updates (currently it is at version 1.0.2)

Installing EldenRingStutterFix After downloading it, you have to move the D3D12 file.dll in the game folder (e.g. C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonELDEN RINGGame), then launch the game with the EAC disabled.

To disable the EAC you need to create a file called steam_appid.t con t with inside the text 1245620 and put it in the game folder. Then run the eldenring file.exe.

To uninstall the fixDLL.