Elden Ring, new record: finished in less than 20 minutes by a speedrunner

The challenge of the speedrunners on Elden Ring continues, with a new record that has been recorded in these hours by Distortion2, author of a run lasted less than 20 minutes, thus improving other performances made previously by himself and other competitors.

According to what we’ve seen so far, Distortion2’s run should currently be worth the world record for speedruns on Elden Ring, but the challenge is so fierce that it probably won’t remain so for long, considering how many others are practicing as well.

To be precise, the run lasted a total of 18 minutes, 58 seconds and 35 cents, as reported in the tweet above with the times broken down by each section of the game, all of which are incredibly low, especially considering the rate of challenge that characterizes FromSoftware’s title.

The great thing is that the performance took place live during a streaming, then under the eyes of a large audience that has seen live the evolution of the issue. Distortion2 has broadcast for several hours their tests, improving their runs in a progressive way until reaching the current record just under 19 minutes.

“Thanks to everyone who was there and supported me during this crazy stream”, wrote Distortion2 in the message in which he reports his best results. The speedrunner has moreover used the game at version 1.02, therefore the one previous to the recent patch 1.03 of Elden Ring.

Just a few days ago, the record was set in just under thirty minutes, but it’s clear that the situation is evolving quickly.