Elden Ring: player becomes invincible with his mech character

A player of Elden Ring has made his character almost invincible by equipping him with what he calls a mech suit. This is yet another demonstration of the extreme versatility of the combat system of the game from FromSoftware, which can really get to extremes incredible.

To achieve the feat was the youtuber Adam Barker, who also uploaded a video to show it. Unfortunately, creativity also poses problems, because a build like this is far too powerful for invasions, which are therefore unbalanced and unpleasant for those who must deal with it.

For the curious, Barker’s build is based on the Ironjar Aromatic, which turns the character’s body into steel by consuming focus points. Then add Cerulean Hidden Tear and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear to the mix, which eliminate focus point consumption and convert damage to health points. Season it with Unendurable Frenzy to shoot flames.

Note that the build doesn’t actually make Barker completely invincible, but it’s still powerful enough to make him truly dangerous to any player.

While we admire players dabbling with their Elden Ring builds, we hope a few more make it to the end of the game.