FIFA 22: Title Update 8 patch 1.000.010 available, let’s see the changes to the game

FIFA 22 is updated with Title Update 8 through patch 1,000,010, available for all platforms in these hours and intended to correct some issues that have emerged in the game, more than adding new features, as we see from the official details.

As for Gameplay, the March 29, 2022 patch introduces the ability to interrupt the Drag to Drag move, so as to reduce its duration and interrupting the animation through the right input with the analog.

Also fixed some issues with auto-switching during a cross and the fact that, in some cases, a goal scored at the very last moment of a match was not counted in the final summary.

Also fixed a small issue with the kick-off animation, which in cooperative multiplayer mode took longer than originally intended. Also fixed a rare issue where the goalkeeper would throw himself at the outgoing ball carrier, even without this action being called by the player.

Other fixes include the Vault mode, with the Arcade option not being usable even though it was, and fixed some problems with Pro Clubs regarding information and user interface, which in some cases did not show the correct data. For the rest, some kits and stadiums have been updated and 51 new improved player “heads” for known players have been added, which will be visible after the update to the servers. You can find all the information at this address.

For the rest, we have seen in recent days that Retro Kits are available for AC Milan, Inter Milan and 10 other iconic teams.