Fortnite, $100 million raised in support of Ukraine

Fortnite has so far collected 100 million dollars to be donated to charities that are working to support the Ukraine, victim as we know of a military invasion from Russia last February 24.

The new record comes just hours after the announcement of $ 70 million raised for Ukraine, which means that users have not stopped making in-game purchases and indeed there has been an acceleration on the front of microtransactions.

“To date, we’ve raised $100 million combined to support humanitarian efforts in support of the victims of war in Ukraine,” Epic said. “In addition to UNICEF, World Food Programme, UNHCR and Direct Relief, we are now also partnering with World Central Kitchen.”

The initiative’s FAQ page states that Epic Games is sending the money to the associations by advancing it out of its own pocket, without waiting for the actual payments of the amounts.

As mentioned, all proceeds related to the purchase of V-Buck in Fortnite and the shares of the game intended for the Xbox Store will be donated to support the victims of war until April 3. What figure will be achieved by then?