Ghost Recon: Breakpoint: end of experiment with NFTS, Ubisoft promises them for other games

Ubisoft has better explained the issue NFT (non-fungible tokens, IE digital certificates of possession of a token linked to a digital asset, to put it very simply) related to the end of support for Tom Clanc Rec

On March 17, 2022, the latest NFTS for Tom Clanc’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint were launched via Quartz, Ubisoft’s proprietary platform. So not so long ago, so much so that some players are not at all happy about the end of support for the game, which so will die much faster. Also, who bought the NFTS, what will they do with it? The servers will remain active, but not being able to use them in other games, at least for now, they appear more and more useless, also considering their prices and general appeal.

On the other hand, some have pointed out that Ubisoft’s promise related to the purchase of NFTs, that players would own a piece of the game, has proved, if not really false, at least misleading, since Breakpoint was closed with a unilateral decision and that, in case of closure of the servers, NFTS would become waste paper, so to speak, at least until the launch of a compatible game (if there ever will be).

Consider that Tom Clanc’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFTS, called Digit, are essentially cosmetic. To be able to reuse them Ubisoft should develop a compatible title of the same genre or, at least, a genre in which it is appropriate to dress as soldiers. We’ll see how the whole thing evolves.