Gran Turismo 7: servers are back online after 30 hours of maintenance

Gran Turismo 7 servers are back online again on PS5 and PS4 after the long maintenance that lasted about 30 hours.

As reported by several users on the network, the servers of Gran Turismo 7 are back online, after the long maintenance that began yesterday morning and ended after about 30 hours, preventing users from accessing much of the game content.

As reported earlier, yesterday morning around 9:00 am began a scheduled maintenance of the servers of Gran Turismo 7 accompanied by the publication of Patch 1.07. However, due to an error found in the update, the developers were forced to keep the game offline, as explained by Kazunori Yamauchi in a long post on the official website of the game, in which he apologized for the inconvenience caused to users.

Just a few hours ago, was published patch 1.08 of Gran Turismo 7, which apparently must have solved the problem permanently, since in these minutes the servers are back online.

As mentioned above, the maintenance lasted for about 30 hours, creating many problems for the community, since users can not access much of the content of Gran Turismo 7, even those single player, if they are not connected to the servers. In any case, the worst is now over, just in time for the weekend.