Gran Turismo 7: UFO discovered in one of the tracks

A nice easter egg was discovered in Gran Turismo 7, with a UFO popping up in the scenery during a particular track and perhaps not easy to see in the middle of the race, since we usually focus on something else.

Some may have already noticed it, but many others probably do not: as witnessed by the user titteritter “taiG_typeRS”, author of the teeteet shown below, there is actually a UFO hidden in a part of the scenery of the Australian track of Mount Panorama, clearly visible in the recorded video sequence.

Using the replay, the player has managed to frame in a clearer way the strange visitor that emerges among the trees of the track: it is undoubtedly a flying saucer, circling in the sky in the typical style to which we have accustomed classic science fiction from the 50s to today.

The appearance took place during a lap on the runway at 7 am, although it is not clear whether the appearance of the UFO has to do with the time or weather conditions, nor whether it occurs exclusively on that runway or even in other situations, at the moment.

The easter egg is certainly curious and also strange, considering the very realistic and serious tone that usually distinguishes the e Gran Turismo 7 Series in particular. If nothing else,it is a much more cheerful element than the latest topics in debate on the game such as microtransactions and Ala