GTA Trilogy, Digital Foundry analysis reveals improvements to date

GTA Trilogy did not get off to the best start, as you may recall, but it has received substantial improvements from launch to the present, and the new analysis by Digital Foundry highlights them, comparing them to the first remaster version.

Capable of racking up sales of 10 million copies despite its problems, GTA Trilogy was made by resorting to reconstruction techniques often based on artificial intelligence, which generally resulted in a lack of artistic touch and attention to detail.

However, as mentioned, things have improved quite a bit since the collection’s debut, especially in the area of effects to cover up some of the glitches, technical limitations, and annoying polygonal interpenetrations.

In terms of performance, the 60 fps graphics mode has been lightened on next-gen consoles and thus offers greater consistency, although the 4K mode, on the other hand, appears unchanged from the past.

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