Horizon Zero Dawn: fan annihilates a powerful enemy in 12 seconds, is it a world record?

These days everyone is talking about Horizon Forbidden West, the newest game from Guerrilla Games. Some fans, however, are still devoted to the first chapter, Horizon Zero Dawn, and one player recently completed a small feat: he annihilated a powerful enemy in twelve seconds. You can see the video shared via Reddit below.

As you can see, the enemy in question is a demonic version Divoratuono, which is the most powerful one from the first chapter. In addition, Horizon Zero Dawn was in Ultra Hard mode. Obviously the one used is an enhanced Aloy, but the very fast fight is mainly the result of a careful use of resources and a series of very precise shots. It helps, however, that the enemy is frozen in the final part of the discount, which increases the damage by 2.5 times.

The battle basically lasts about twelve seconds, and in total only four arrows are fired: the first two are used to destroy the outer parts of the armor and expose the core of the Devourer, while the last two are used to deal direct damage and eliminate the opponent (these are triple arrows, so they deal more damage, but we can count them as one shot). The player also states that it could be a world record.

Tell us, what do you think about this battle? Does it seem easy, or do you usually have to struggle to defeat such an enemy?

Finally, we point out a comparison video that shows the differences between Horizon Forbidden West and Zero Dawn.