Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files available, launch trailer for the new DLC

Lost Judgment expands with The Kaito Files, the new DLC available starting today on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, adding a portion of the story that comes with the launch trailer visible above.

The expansion can be purchased separately or downloaded freely by those who own Lost Judgment’s Season Pass, with downloads available these hours on the various platforms provided. The Kaito Files, of which we saw the introduction of Primal Focus as a special feature in the trailer released last week, sees us playing Masaharu Kaito, a member of the Yagami Detective Agency.

In this new part of the game, Kaito must use his skills, which include remarkable combat abilities and precisely the use of Primal Focus, to solve some cases and carry out his mission. The story picks up after the events narrated in Lost Judgment, while Yagami is out of town, with Kaito searching for Mikio, an old flame of his.

This search brings him into contact with Jun, a boy who claims to be his son, and with whom the protagonist finds himself working together to find Mikio. Previously, we had also seen a gameplay video featuring the Tank style for the character.