One Piece Odyssey: plot and many new images show monsters and the setting of the game

Bandai Namco has unveiled new details regarding the storyline of One Piece Odyssey, the ILCA-developed role-playing game coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It also shared a series of images, which you can see above and just below.

Here is the plot description of One Piece Odyssey proposed by Bandai Namco. “In the midst of their latest ocean voyage, the Straw Hat Pirates saw their ship swallowed by a powerful storm. Shipwrecked, the crew members land on a mysterious island, blessed with natural gifts and protected by a ring of storms all around them. Separated from their friends, and with the Thousand Sunny sinking into the depths… Luffy and the others must embark on a new adventure to escape this storm-tossed island! But lying in wait are the ruthless forces of nature, terrible enemies and…!”

This description comes from Bandai Namco’s Japanese site and was translated into English by Gematsu. In turn, we then translated into Italian.

Below, you can see the entire gallery of One Piece Odyssey images recently shared. They show some monsters, the setting, dungeons and a mysterious new fiery enemy.

Recall that One Piece Odyssey will be available during 2022. You can (re)watch the announcement trailer at this address.