PlayStation Plus: without games on day one will have less appeal than Xbox Game Pass, according to analysts

GamesIndustry interviewed some well-known market analysts and asked them to comment on the revamped PlayStation Plus. Nearly all agree that the new tiers (Extra and Premium) could appeal to many PS5 and PS4 gamers, but that the service’s appeal will be less than Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass due to the fact that triple-A games won’t be included in the service’s catalog at day-one, though opinions on how negatively this will weigh are divided.

For Pers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, the structure of the new PlayStation Plus subscription “won’t have the appeal of Microsoft’s service. I think Sony will try to be more aggressive about the window of time between games being released and added to the service’s catalog, and about when to add new games from third-party developers and publishers.”

For Strategy Analytics’ Michael Goodman, however, how much the absence of triple-A games on day one in the PlayStation Plus catalog will affect “is a question the market will answer.”

“Microsoft has chosen that having games at day one on Game Pass is critical to their success, I think it has been. We’ll have to see how important it is to PlayStation fans. There is a point to consider that is not critical. Nintendo did a great job with Nintendo Switch Online – it was a huge success because of the retrogame catalog. However, the big growth of Game Pass started when they started adding games at day-one. It’s worth noting that Sony and Microsoft aren’t competing head-to-head on this front. They’re basically talking to their installed base.”

For IDC’s Lewis Ward, the new PlayStation Plus structure will pay off for Sony, mainly because the current number of PlayStation Now subscribers is relatively low (only 5% of PS5 and PS4 owners have an active subscription according to Goodman).

“We’ll see if Sony reveals anything about how PlayStation subscribers are divided by tier level over time, but it doesn’t seem to be a stretch to keep premium subscribers at or above 4 million (i.e. the current number of Now subscribers according to IDC) in 2022, while also getting a considerable subscriber base with Extras.”

What do you guys think? Do the benefits offered by PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.