Street Fighter 5 Definitive Update: patch 3.11 available, here are the details

As promised by Capcom, Street Fighter 5 has received in these hours the Definitive Update, which is the patch 3.11 that represents the final update for the game, containing numerous improvements and corrections, as we see in the details emerged from the official notes.

It is a substantial download of 37 GB on PS4 and PS5 and 30 GB on PC, which goes to involve numerous aspects of the game.

There are no additions in terms of content such as new characters or levels, but it is an update that acts mainly on the balance and mechanics of gameplay, so it is still essential for the use of the game.

One of the main aspects touched by the update concerns combos, with Combo Counts getting various changes: the point count for combos starts from a certain value based on the move used, which also influences whether or not a combo is triggered.

This counting system applies throughout the duration of the combo, with a real-time calculation based on the concatenation of moves, between value, increment and limit, which makes the construction of combos more dynamic and mathematically sensible, it seems.

For the rest, some corrections have been applied to throws, which sometimes did not respond to the direction given, and to mid-air combos, as well as a particular problem in calculating the value of breaking the opponent’s guard, which caused problems with the management of subsequent damage.

In short, these are very technical and subtle elements, but all added together should lead to a significant improvement in the performance of the game and gameplay. For all the details, we refer you to the official notes of the patch published by Capcom in these hours.

In recent days, we had seen a video presentation for the final March 2022 update shown above, while in the meantime the company has announced Street Fighter 6.