The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me: Oscar-nominated Jessie Buckley in the cast

Jessie Buckley is part of the cast of The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, the latest installment of the horror series by Supermassive Games, which apparently wanted to bet heavily on the characters of the new game going to enlist an actress nominated for an Oscar.

Jessie Buckley will play the protagonist of The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, the chapter that should represent the final conclusion of the anthology of horror stories by Supermassive, announced in October with an official presentation trailer.

The actress in question was present during the night of the Oscars just passed, where she was nominated for best supporting actress, so it is an introduction of considerable caliber within the cast of the new game.

In the meantime, Supermassive has also announced The Quarry, its new game in development that promises to be quite close to the style adopted so far by the team, which also features a Hollywood cast of considerable level, which seems to be a recurring feature for the studio in question.