The Last of Us: a video from the TV series precisely replicates a scene from the game

The Last of Us continues to show itself in brief glimpses thanks to the work of various leakers and insiders who are publishing images and even very short clips of the filming of the HBO TV series, as demonstrated in this case a small video in which we see a perfect replica of a scene from the game Naughty Dog.

Although it is likely some creative licenses by the team that is dealing with the production of the TV series, many elements of the series will probably faithfully follow the characteristics of the game Naughty Dog up to replicate precisely some scenes, as visible in the short movie below.

In the video posted on TikTok and reported by an account practically specialized in collecting information on the TV series of The Last of Us, we see a shot from what appears to be a secondary camera, or surveillance, with Ellie (Bella Ramsey) that breaks into a small window and then open the door to Joel (Pedro Pascal) and enter a structure otherwise inaccessible.

As the direct comparison with the video below shows, the scene pretty accurately replicates a sequence found in the first The Last of Us video game, demonstrating how some ideas are transported cleanly from the game to the TV series.

As for the series, we learned in recent days that Pedro Pascal has tried to play the title Naughty Dog but that the thing did not go very well, while on the front of video games has emerged that the team seems to be working on a remake that could cover the series.