Top 10 most watched live games on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook: GTA 5 is first, Elden Ring sixth

The portal Stream Hatchet has published the ranking of the most watched games live on Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming during the first quarter of 2022, so until March 31, 2022. In first position, without major surprises, we find GTA 5 / GTA Online, while Elden Ring and Lost Ark debut in sixth and seventh place respectively. Below is the top 10, compiled based on the number of total hours of viewing:

GTA 5/Online – 534 million hours
League of Legends – 517 million hours
Valorant – 322 million hours
Apex Legends – 252 million hours
Fortnite – 247 million hours
Elden Ring – 226 million hours
Lost Ark – 205 million hours
Minecraft – 185 million hours
Garena Free Fire – 179 million hours
CS: GO – 179 million hours

As Stream Hatchet points out 80% of the games in the top 10 most-watched remained unchanged from the previous quarter. The only new entries are Elden Ring and Lost Ark.

This is an excellent result for FromSoftware’s soul-like and Smilegate’s MMO, especially considering they were at a disadvantage compared to the other titles in the ranking: both were released in February, but the top 10 takes into account the total viewing hours from January 1st to March 31st, 2022. In short, if they had come out a few weeks earlier they probably could have overtaken even Apex Legends and Fortnite (in fourth and fifth place).

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