Unpacking: trailer announces PS5 and PS4 versions, will also be available in physical edition

Beam Games and Humble Games have announced the PS5 and PS4 versions of Unpacking, the simulator halfway between a puzzle and home decorating that was a big hit on PC and Nintendo Switch. At the moment, however, a precise release period has not yet been indicated.

The announcement was accompanied by an official trailer for the PlayStation versions that, if you’re not yet familiar with the title, offers an overview of the game dynamics of Unpacked. Our goal is to take part in eight different removals, pulling out of boxes clothing, furniture and so on, to be arranged manually in the rooms, thus also obtaining clues about the lives of the tenants of the various homes.

Also announced for the occasion is a physical edition of Unpacked for PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch priced at $39.99 and made by Limited Run Games, with pre-orders available now at this address.

If you want to know more about Unpacking we recommend reading our review, in which we wrote:

“Unpacking is one of those games that doesn’t want to overdo it. In its own small way, is able to fascinate, offering an experience that tastes like “already seen”, yet peculiar enough to find its own distinctive way. It is not one of those revolutionary independent titles, able to give a moral slap to the industry, but it is still an excellent product, made with dedication and, above all, awareness of the language chosen to convey a simple story, with which anyone can identify, at least in part.”