Winter Ember: trailer and release date for consoles and PC, Nintendo Switch version announced

Machine Studios and Blowfish Studios have announced the release date for Winter Ember, an action and stealth sandbox game with isometric views. The title will be available on PC (Steam and GOG), PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One starting April 19, 2022. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned and will be released later. A trailer has also been released for the occasion, which you can view in the player above.

Winter Ember is an immersive action stealth game in which we will take the role of Arthur Artorias, a man “without a face”. Hidden in the shadows we’ll have to discover a mysterious plan that has erased the protagonist’s family from the history books. If you want to know more, we recommend you to read our preview of Winter Ember.

For the occasion were also confirmed the languages in which the game will be localized and unfortunately among them there is no Italian. For completeness are: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Japanese and Chinese.

“Embark on an adventure that will tell a dark story full of deviant characters and centered on a militant religion determined to maintain control at all costs,” reads the official description of the game.

“You are Arthur Artorias, the sole survivor of the massacre that devastated your family’s legacy and made it disappear from the history books. Left for dead, you emerge from exile 8 years later, the faceless man lit by flame and seeking revenge.”

“As Arthur you’ll have to stay in the shadows, infiltrate houses and explore secret passages, but be careful not to get caught! Choose your style of play: stunning enemies may keep them at bay for a while, but sooner or later they’ll wake up; a quick throat slit might be a more permanent solution, but bloodstains on the carpet could be damning evidence! Sharpen your wits, make bodies disappear, spy through locks, and pickpocket unsuspecting victims.”

“Plan missions by preparing your arsenal. With over 30 arrows you can create, experimenting is the key to success! Will you create a smoke arrow to blind the enemy or add poison to make the gas poisonous? Use your arrows offensively or defensively: knock down weakened walls with a blunt-tipped arrow to surprise the enemy, or use a stringed arrow to reach an elevated position and take down enemies from a distance.”

“Customize your play style with 3 distinct skill trees: stealth, combat, and utility. You can choose from over 70 unique active and passive skills to unlock, to get revenge your way.”

“Return to your home in the cold Victorian city of Anargal, on the brink of a technological breakthrough. Infiltrate and explore vast settings filled with treasures and mysteries. From rival gangs to unique characters, you can approach each scenario in a multitude of ways. Take advantage of the environment, find solutions to various problems, and overcome every challenge you encounter on your way.”