FIFA 22: Title Update 8 patch 1.000.010 available, let’s see the changes to the game

Babylon’s Fall: the free demo reached a maximum of 30 concurrent players, a disaster

One Piece Odyssey, a video interview with the producer reveals new details about the game

Horizon Zero Dawn: fan annihilates a powerful enemy in 12 seconds, is it a world record?

Elden Ring, new record: finished in less than 20 minutes by a speedrunner

Call of Duty Warzone: putting in more maps is impossible, the size of the game “is out of mind”

Elden Ring: the percentage of those who have finished it so far is very low

The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me: Oscar-nominated Jessie Buckley in the cast

Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files available, launch trailer for the new DLC

Fallout 76: Double Eleven collaborates with Bethesda to create new content